Riot Police raid ERT headquarters

ERT building

At approximately 4:20am Thursday morning, hundreds of Greek riot police forces, along with a public prosecutor, raided the headquarters of ERT, Greece’s national television and radio broadcast station, demanding that employees immediately vacate the premises.

Panagiotis Kalfayiannis, president of POSPERT (ERT’s employee union) was among four employees who were arrested. Now released from detention, Kalfayiannis said that riot police entered the premises without a warrant and did not inform them of the charges against them or the reason for their detainment.
There have been numerous reports of tear gas and violence towards those gathered at ERT.
ERT’s normal broadcasting has been replaced with a continuous video loop urging the public to come to ERT’s headquarters at 4PM today in a show of solidarity.

PSI Communicators' Action Network met and interviewed on 5 November the journalists, technicians, musicians, news editors and support staff who had been occupying their newsroom for the last five months. See video of interviews on YouTube